Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Three Most Loyals...

Everytime I am in the same room as my cousin Cynthia, we both always begin to uncontrollably laugh about random things like the movie Saving Private Perez, laughing babies on youtube, and the most recent is the Joan Sebastian ft. Will I AM song which we find halarious..." I wanna be HAppy"( we might sing that part to each other ha ha). To tell you the truth I do not know who is crazier, her or myself??? Since that is an answer that can never be determined, I would like to mention that there is no escaping mi familia which always makes them my most special loyal clients. Specially, Cynthia and her two boys. To say the least, if I would stay at CBU for the entire school year and never return home, Victor and Emiliano would look like cavemen and I do not know how I would feel about that... Because to Victor and Emiliano, I was created to cut their hair ever since they were babies. So when I come home every so often I am happy to find them waiting for me to cut their hair. For this shoot Cynthia's hair was styled with loose curls and a brick colored lipstick shade which is one of my favorites.
Photo Credit: Pose Photography

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Audrey Hepburn Inspired

Together Pose Photography and I have been inspired to bring back to life women in history who have been of great impact to fashion. In the past, we did one of inspired by Frida Kahlo. For this shoot ,we were Audrey Hepburn inspired. Special thanks to Juanita Arias, for being awesome with modeling and rocking all of the look! Also to Linda Arias for being such a cooperative parent for all the cool outfit looks and ideas :)  Lastly, can someone guess which one will be our next inspired shoot?
Photo Credit: Pose Photography

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Malibu, LACMA, Engagement Shoot...

Softer  beach waves (for the Paradise Cove look) and a soft fishhook braid side bun and eye shadow change (for the nighttime LACMA look) were my hair and make-up inspirations for this shoot :) I also I did several lipstick changes according to Brenda's outfit changes. To Marcos and Brenda thanks for being such an awesome couple to work with, Brenda for your excitement for the shoot which had us all pumped up, and congratulations to you both on your soon to be wedding! May there be many blessings for you both :)
Photo Credit: Jackie Lamas

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

 I was in Europe two weeks but rather than it feeling like I was only there two weeks it felt like two long months.  I have traveled throughout many places throughout Europe, United States, and Mexico but I still found myself longing to be home. Last month, I was in Mexico three weeks no team, or person close to me but this time it felt like I was only there three days. Time zoomed by, perhaps it was because this time out of all of my times of being there, it wasn't just sightseeing and visiting but I got to do what I love (I carried out a land assessment in order to build a church facility, a school for people with disabilities, had the opportunity to serve at a church God continues to bless each day and work with children). This has been the most rewarding experience of my life and I know this is only the beginning to many other projects I will be carrying out in Ruiz Cortinez, Sinaloa Mexico.

 Here is a picture of me with the wonderful group of kids I had the opportunity to work with, we are in front of the land where the church facility and their classrooms will be built.

Life a lesson of loving others more than yourself. -Sinaloa, Mexico 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

Where have I been?

 Or should I say where have I not been during the past months? It is nearly the end of April, I can just say by far this has been the most difficult, busy, hardworking, but the most rewarding year yet. I just finished my junior year in the engineering program at CBU which is one of the most difficult years of the major. Phewww! I am blessed that it is over with and I am excited for the new challenges headed my way within only three days away. Amongst these new challenges I am excited for  having the privilege to carry out a service project in Mexico, finding a summer internship, completing my Christian Studies online over summer, turning 25, the youth camp I volunteer in each year to come through ;), and of course graduating next spring and finally being to able to be with my daughter all the time again. Throughout it  all, my daughter Allison is the person who I have missed the most! I love her so much and I know all of this is for her benefit! Amongst all the crazy busy I have encountered I had the privilege to work alongside Pose Photography in this shoot which is my favorite. Why? Because I got to work with my favorite model the beautiful Miss Shiany, Fernanda from Pose Photography and I work great together(the girl just gets and understands my vision), and also because it was a contemporary shoot of my favorite Painter, Frida Kahlo. Together Pose and I brought to life the flamboyant and colorful Frida without the unibraw of course ;).  Once again thank you so very much ladies Shiany Aguero and Pose Photography it was a privilage of mine to once again work alongside a great team!!!!

Enjoy! And I would love your feedback :)

 Below is my favorite picture because in my opinion it truly depicts who Frida was.

Photograhy Courtesy of Pose Photography
Model: Shiany Aguero

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Famous Unibrow Lady

 It has been confirmed the next styled-shoot will be inspired by no other than my favorite painter the

Friday, August 24, 2012

Newport Beach Engagement Shoot

 Middle school and High school sweethearts Brianna and Danny have been together for more than nine years. Last, Wednesday I did Brianna's make-up for their engagement shoot with ArlethGPhotography. We wanted softer more settle make-up but also having her eyes pop out. Therefore, on the top lids I stuck with  earthy tones and gave her eyes a pop-out by using an aqua blue color on the bottom. Brianna it was awesome working with you! Here are some face shots...